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: : I think roller skater terminology is:
: :
: : Grinding is done on the axles
: : Sliding is done on the sliders
: :
: : Inline skaters don't have axles to grind on and they call all their sliding moves grinds. Pretty confusing.
: +1
: Flat sliding bars+round coping are good, just have to do like skateboards and take care of you balance.
: For both slide/grind and mixed first steps are may be (they were for me):
: on small ramps/bowls (never liked fun boxes):
: - without trying to slide/grind, just try to land knee bent a bit and stay in balance on the coping, then (turn?) and go down. Once you are a bit confident try to check the sliding by moving your feet a bit once you're on the coping.
: - in order to learn the grinding/sliding trajectories, try to run large ellipse trajectories on the ramp, jumping , rolling and the platform, then droping in the ramp. As you get more confident get closer to the coping....
: -As Robert told you also is good.
: Feeling more confident you can combine the 3.....
: For me the first learned grind/slide was one foot in slide, the other in grind (kind or king grind?), so I was 1/4 to drop in.

Good advice all round...
can I suggest at this point,dont be in to much of a hurry to learn everything as you will sacrifice style and style is the difference between just making a trick and owning a trick.I'm not talking posing it's just that I've seen to many folks jump,stretch,sketch and do anything to pull a move only to make it look like shit.It dont look good if it dont flow!

anyhoo keep that fire in your belly' I like hearing what your up to.

cheers joe

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