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no luck grinding with my jump bars.....
Ok, now I think I understand what you mean. It sounds like you are trying to do plate slides. I recommend not trying them yet. Before you try slides, you should try all types of variations of plate tricks. There is the footplant, plate stahl, backwards plate stahl etc. If you bought the wide trucks, then I suggest trying grinds on your axles. This is way safter and easier than plate tricks. Also, you mention doing this on a rail instead of ramp. This can be very dangerous and your can slam really hard. I personally don't find plate slides to be a beginner trick and I recommend against them at this time.

: I tried some simple plate grinds but the narrowness of the jump bars make it unstable to jump down on. Any hints on this? My foot just healed so dont want to sprain it again. Is there some plastic I can bolt to the jump bar to make it wider? I think when I can, I will go back to rollergirls! Those were very stable.
: : I havent really done this yet and dont know how to honestly. It doesnt seem possible on the round rails since my skates cant clasp on like the inliners. I have a flat rail at home. Can I do stuff on this? Besides stalls? How do I start? I dont want to start on the ramps since I dont have insurance. I was going to try to learn on inlines first but when a guy let me borrow some, I didnt like them so I gave them back.
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