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no luck grinding with my jump bars.....
: Ok, now I think I understand what you mean. It sounds like you are trying to do plate slides. I recommend not trying them yet. Before you try slides, you should try all types of variations of plate tricks. There is the footplant, plate stahl, backwards plate stahl etc. If you bought the wide trucks, then I suggest trying grinds on your axles. This is way safter and easier than plate tricks. Also, you mention doing this on a rail instead of ramp. This can be very dangerous and your can slam really hard. I personally don't find plate slides to be a beginner trick and I recommend against them at this time.
I'm curious, do your kingpins extend beyond the hangers? Mine do. I'm going to try to go on the sides of it and see if I can still do it. But I will go slow. I've never seen a girl grind around here so when I learn, it will be awesome!!

I found out a 1/2 hour from here, there is a mini ramp thats only 3-4 feet tall! I would feel fine trying tricks on that thing for starters. I'll find out when its open and give it a go soon! I think if its small, then I couldnt hurt myself really on the falls so I can go at it!!

I just find the very narrow jump bars unstable. When I start working, I'm getting RollerGirls grind bars again. They give a big base to balance on. And she told me they will spark sometimes lol, sounds pretty cool! I was trying to save money/weight with the jumpbars and I guessed I goofed.
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