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no luck grinding with my jump bars.....
: It's harder since they're so narrow, but you can learn all kinds of plate stalls which you can slide in the future. You might slide by accident while learning the stalls. Grinding 50-50 with yur kingpins over the hangars is a bad deal...extra challenging. Round, flat, curb...they all work.
Irene, just thought I would tell you I really admire you! Those bars are really narrow for me, my side to side balance isnt as good as I would like. Thats why I LOVE the wider trucks and hate inlines!

But I'm going to go to the mini ramps and do stalls and all there, cant wait!! I'll wait on plate slides until I start working and can get wider plates. I love those trucks I just got, handle GREAT, but I'm not so sure now that they are ideal for grinding or for wheels. I might go ahead and get the minis or other narrow skateboard trucks next summer since by then, I'll be wanting to really rip at this stuff! I am trying to find out if the minis have long kingpins too. Grinding on kingpins mest me up yesterday! There wasnt a ton of room between them and my wheels. The better I get, the more I want to do lol!
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