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Getting it back
It was off a 7 foot ramp that I was going up. Gaithersburg skate park but the pics are different then it is now. I need a good camera one day soon and I'll post myself!

But they have a 5 foot ramp thats flat on top next this 7 foot quarter pipe that I was going up. Theres an 6-9 inch gap between them and another ramp behind that goes from the flat one to top of the 7 foot ramp. So if you get too much speed and dont make a good 90 degree turn and jump over the gap, you will slam into the other ramp and I almost slammed my chest into it but bounced off my hands and landed on my hip lol. But one time I got my right foot landed and my left foot was in the gap still and it slammed into the ramp, ouch. After that I made sure up the ramp I jumped harder with BOTH legs!! Man was that some serious FUN! I'm skating with softer wheels now so I land all this stuff. But yeah, basically a 7 foot quarter pipe, gap, onto a flat top of another 5 foot ramp. When I get better, I will jump it DOWN onto the quarter pipe but not ready yet lol.

Its not THAT big of a trick but remember, I'm new! Almost a year old now.

I'm proud......honestly, when I started, didnt think I would be doing this stuff. I cant wait til I've had a few years behind me........ Its very addicting!! I might need to soak my legs, tomorrow going to the mini to try dropping in/stalls.

: What type of gap? Do you have any pics of where you skate? Is it listed in any of the skatepark sites?
: : : Yesterday I decided to start rolling in again. I am now charging the bowl and rolling in. It is so nice to have that kind of speed and do a nice grind. After a few weeks, I have finally gotten back one of my old tricks. It is like a boneless footplant on a skateboard. I pop out of the bowl and land on my left toe stop while my right leg gets held behind my back. It used to be a very easy trick, but it is nice to have it back. I skated everyday this week and my legs are so f'n sore that I can barely walk during the day. I am having a blast. I think my patience will pay off and my goal is to have at leat one of my flips and my layback air back my the end of November.
: :
: : So cool! You'll have to get pics soon. :-)
: :
: : I have the same problem too. My legs are so damn tired and ache........ I skate hard everyday, an hour or two or three+ lol. I sugar up to forget they dont want to move. Not sure how to recover quicker. Think my body will adjust. I dont want to rest. Right now I have a big bruise below my calve from jumping my first gap. Its a little swollen and purple but should heal in a few days. Thats OK......I won a popcicle over it so it was totally worth it!! :-D
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