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Getting it back
The 6' is just a flat ramp, 60 degree slope so its not vert (90) like the halfpipe. So its easy for me. Looking straight down gets to me still lol.

Oh, havent hurt myself til I got a bruise. Its just sore to the touch. Think I might see if I wrap it up it will help. Once I start skating, it doesnt hurt at all lol. I dont try new stuff all the time, just seem to be on a roll this week!! I do try to push myself a touch everyday though. I will have a few weeks when I start work for my body to rest so wearing myself out the next 2 weeks. But I think you're awesome! I cant do lines on a bowl yet. I'm getting into street courses though.

: You can drop in the 6', but not the 5'? It sounds like you are doing awesome! I would keep practicing the halfpipes and not worry about the quarters unless you are into street skating. It sounds like you are where a lot of us were back in the day and that is awesome. I am just thinking about you not getting hurt. It sounds like you are really into progression and that is great. I guess my injury made me too cautious. I think you should do whatever feels right. I know how it feels to want to learn a new trick everytime out. If you can handle the pain, then I think you should go for it. I guess I have gotten a bit too conservative, but I am progressing every session. Maybe soon I will get what you have and start skating again.
: : I already know how to pump, jump transitions, spin them, etc. I am getting bored so I want to try new things. This skatepark has a 3-4 foot halfpipe, mini. That will be easy for me. I can drop in on a 4 foot one already, just mentally not the 5 foot halfipipe although the flat ones are easy to do. I drop in on the 6 foot ones also, fly over those even! I will just get some airs and hit a few stalls when I feel comfortable. Its 3 or 4 feet only. Not a big deal. I think I can handle it, if not theres next weekend to try it again! Its not an advanced halfpipe. I can pump up to about 6 feet now. I should be dropping in the 5 foot one already, mentally I'm stuck though.
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: : : It sounds like you are learning on some hard stuff. Is the mini a halfpipe? I suggest you practice in either a halfpipe or a bowl and learn how to pump and carve. Don't worry about the tricks. It sounds like you are trying too much before learning the basics. I could be wrong, but I have just been carving and doing a few minor tricks, but at the same time getting a lot faster and getting my lines down. Quarter pipes are good, if you have nothing else, but they really don't give you a chance to flow.
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