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Dropped in....
: : The 6' is just a flat ramp, 60 degree slope so its not vert (90) like the halfpipe. So its easy for me. Looking straight down gets to me still lol.
: So the 5' ramp is vert? Keep off of it. The geometry is wrong, it is just plain dangerous. A 5' vert ramp is too steep. You can hurt yourself really bad in such a contraption.

Not quite vert but close enough for me. Its a standard ramp. I dropped in on the mini one finally! My heartrate got up so fast I thought I might have a heart attack lol. No caffeine before skating now. I had to chill after the first 2 times to let my heart rate go down. But I did it, 5 out of 7 tries. Just to the other end though. Enough for me for today.

I stand left foot on the coping, right I jump in with it in front cause this coping was up at least a half inch so I didnt want my wheels to lock on it. Just sometimes I'm on my back wheels with the front foot. I thought you should have them apart but that puts me too much on my back wheels with the front foot. Not far enough forward? I donno. I think I need to losen up more too but first time today and it was such a rush! I still get confused how to move my body from straight up to droping in on the ramp with coping there. The flat ones are easy. I guess I will figure it out soon.
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