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Dropped in....
: : : : The 6' is just a flat ramp, 60 degree slope so its not vert (90) like the halfpipe. So its easy for me. Looking straight down gets to me still lol.
: : :
: : : So the 5' ramp is vert? Keep off of it. The geometry is wrong, it is just plain dangerous. A 5' vert ramp is too steep. You can hurt yourself really bad in such a contraption.
: : :
: :
: : Not quite vert but close enough for me. Its a standard ramp. I dropped in on the mini one finally! My heartrate got up so fast I thought I might have a heart attack lol. No caffeine before skating now. I had to chill after the first 2 times to let my heart rate go down. But I did it, 5 out of 7 tries. Just to the other end though. Enough for me for today.
: :
: : I stand left foot on the coping, right I jump in with it in front cause this coping was up at least a half inch so I didnt want my wheels to lock on it.
: Yuo should'nt lock up a wheel with those jump bars so low, maybe sit on the adge of the coping with your skate in your hand and roll it over slowly like it would if you were dropping in and see if anything is gonna be an issue.Watching a bit of video footage of your own skating is an awsome learning tool,you find somethings that are scary and holding you back, when viewed from another perspective, are realy not a problem and you can overcome some hangups and blaze ahead..
: cheers joe

Well, rolling in on the flat coping, my wheels have caught and I had some bad spills cause of it, thus the fear. So its just a mini jump down. I think I need to start with my feet parallel to each other. Thats how I land on my transitions when pumping the ramp. I think that will get me more flat on my wheels. I think I might not be throwing my body far enough forward going into it. I watched the kids do it and most the time if they fall its cause they lean back. They were all skateboarders tho.

Wow that was fun! I"m meeting some guys tomorrow at the skatepark here already so I dont think I can handle 2 skates. My body is trashed! I will do it again but have to wait til Friday then. I wish they opened up during the week. I'm ready now lol. One day I hope to have a video camera. That will help me to "see."

Thanks Joe! I appreciate all the help with my beginner questions. Keep on rollin!
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