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my new grind set up idea
Thats my plan, it would be like Brian W. idea:

I just chop off the ends and screw it in the bottom. Simple, LIGHT, it would be about 1 1/2" wide and tall, have a place to lock on, light, cheaper then the other idea now. The negative with the other idea is that I'm afraid the weight is adding up too much now and the freight shipping will double the cost. If I had the tools, I could take steel and make a rollergirl kinda thing but make a V notch that is 2" long and 1/4" deep. But hers also dont slide too well. This would slide well and might be my best option financially now that would work well.

Lisas set up doesnt seem to lock on well for me, I just roll off the coping if I lean at all forward. Even when I balance to drop in, it was hard cause I couldnt hold on to lean forward so I really was leaning backwards almost dropping in. So thats why I also started jumping in so thats why either I will go with a lower set up or put some type of notch in there.

Seems like the ideal set up is your own set up. There is no ideal one I'm finding. I am asking everyone what works for them and why. Figuring out what I want and need and go from there. I guess others havent tried this option so I'm throwing it out there to see what others think. From the standpoint of the skatepark, it might be fun to have a skateboard set up with a touch of inline in there to make me a total hybrid of both and neither.

Wow, I've got to skate soon. This is me today, not skating --> :-(

: I am confused? Well, I guess that's normal. It looks like those are inline skate chassis or plates. Are you going to attach those to your current plate?
: : I found these, the bottom is solid so I just trim the ends to give the trucks room to move, drill 2 holes and holes in the plate with a tempered bit, secure with flat bolts, then its set.
: :
: :
: :
: : I like the idea using UHMW plastic, I'm not sure yet on the heaviness of it. My idea changed to this image, So I hollowed it all out:
: :
: :
: : Pretty much Gambins idea! But I thought I would make a 2 inch long notch, 1/4 inch or so deep to clasp on. Then the outside edges I could knock off with a 45 degrees slant to ease getting on/off. Was thinking now just triangular shaped notch. But I'm not sure of freight costs for it and I must watch my money now.
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