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my plates/trucks!
pure sex I love trackers,always have,those plates look prety thick and heavy though,maybe you could weigh your skates when they're together , be a good reference for folks.Are you going plastic sliders,I recon they'de be better than the R/G ones.You can buy Grind King king pin kits too which would lower your pin height:

cheers joe

I have tracker plates and midtrack trucks! How cool is that? I'm not sure I could be any happier!
: I will see if I can cut the plastic with them on. I will need longer bolts to attach this and I need to figure out what will write on the plastic and if I need a special drill bit. They will be heavy but will be the best skates in the world for me! The skateboarders are going to think I am so cool.
: Well, maybe I will just have the trucks super tight until I can figure out the cushion deal. The jump bars are a quick fix. Not sure if I want to wait to do the sliders to put my new skates together.
: Heres a not too good photo of them! :-D
: : Cooooool, What did ya get. Ifn your gonna cut any bushings,then cut the one that doesn't sit on the base plate,but I wouldn't cut them too much though as it will mess with the amount of turn you can get.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : Gosh, I LOVE them! I will do the plastic set up cause the other one wont work I can tell. I will make it a slight V in the center instead of a circle. But I can put jump bars on it for now. I will wait til January to do the slider set up. I think its best to adjust to new trucks and the heavier weight first. The only thing I'm worried about is that this will be heavy. But I will build it for speed and I am working hard in the weight room now so I will be strong.
: : :
: : : The one issue I have is that the bottom bushing is conical. I might have to slice them since I will want my trucks loose and there is not much room left on the king pin. I'm not sure if I slice the top or bottom or since they are narrow where the jump bars are, guess they are OK naked without the washer? The jump bar fully covers them. I will build new skates this weekend, hope my knee is healed.
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