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plates and finding bolts?
: Schweet!
: Maybe other cushions are shorter that you can swap out, see what you have. If you cut, I'd cut the narrower (top) of the conical and I'm with joe...don't mess with the one on the baseplate. Daniel rides Rollergirls grindbar without the cushion cap, so it's ok. Where'd you score the tracker aluminium plates? I've never seen rounded ones. Mine have an angular cut around the foot.
: Happy building!

I've got them from my best friend in the world, Elvis! :-D He still lives.

Well, my birthday is coming so I put in an early request for bushings, (indy 90?), longer bolts, powell bowl bombers 95a and UHMW plastic, woo-hoo! Dang, I love to build!! It better not snow much this winter is all I can say cause this is it for me. :-D

But is is a big deal if I build them, take them apart later to install the sliders and put them back together? Lisa told me not to reuse bolts. I dont understand why? I can use lock tite if I'm worried right?

The bolts though I'm scrounging for so I can make the sliders have a rounded head but are flat, #10-32 thread, 2" long, any help here? I am asking a skateboard shop cause I think this might be out of Lisa's realm and I want to get everything one place (shipping). The heads at Home Depot are too tall.

Irene, if we ever skate together, I'll let you take them for a spin. Just I want them back! These are my best friends!
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