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one more thought....
I could saw that inline plate directly down the center and split it to each side of the trucks so I dont need to drill holes on the center........

: Yep, Brian is AMAZING on his grinds and slides. So although the plastic isnt as slippery as the UHMW, I think it will be lighter and I'm afraid the frieght costs will double the cost of that material. Plastic still slides really well and this is the lightest option I think, wood wouldnt slide though. And metal grabs some too. So I think plastic is ideal if I ever want to slide, if I just want to make noise and sparks, steel is better! I can change later when I get into it more but I think this might be the best start.
: This will clasp on well and is something where I could slide a rail. Dang, that would impress my whole skatepark!! Shed new light on roller skates to let them know that my skates ARE aggressive skates. :-D
: Yes, I feel like I have a goal now in life too, simple but fun and purposeful. I like to be happy and carefree!
: : Dayum, that guy rips! On my other forum there are a ton of Mechanical Engineers. I am sure they could come up with something, but unfortunately it would not make economical sense. I wonder if there is a wood out there that could handle this type of pressure? I am guessing not, but I know there are a lot of amazing composites that could. I come across a lot of engineers in my line of work and someone could definitely make us something amazing, but the problem is that the cost that goes into it would not be worth it. Good thing for some of you that you are artisic and can create things. I would love to do something awesome to my skates, but the reality is that I don't see myself sliding anyway. Maybe once I start my new progression I will have a need to slide. I think that if I knew how to slide, the grind plates from rollergirl would work fine. I have a new goal in life and hope injuries do not get in my way.
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