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OT: Bernhard....
: Did you ever feel like a dumbsh!t while learning programming, like weekly, daily, hourly lol?

Actually, not that much. But I was still young back then and motivated. Programming was also less complex back then. My motivation originated in tossing too many coins into arcade games. I thought, hey, it should be much cheaper to play your own games. Access to a computer (a "mini" computer had the size of a closet back then) wasn't easy, but I was determined to learn to program in order to save money on playing computer games. What I want to say: you will automatically learn it when you try to solve a problem that itches you. I also did observe the same with other people. Once they had their very own thing, they overcame every hurdle with ease. I wish it would be the same with roller skating ...

: If you know of any helpful sites, except w3schools, esp. for javascript, lemme know.

A good starting point seems to be Wikipedia:
The german variant seems to offer a different set of information:

: I think my heads been hit a few too many times! I think I'm more of a designer then programmer but still trying......

Yeah, it seems to be quite a different approach from designing. I know another designer who hits his head a lot with programming. I believe you have to approach it with a completely fresh mind, not trying to get at it with designer-think.
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