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OT: Bernhard....
: : : Chances increase very much when you apply for something you love doing. The employer always tries to choose the best person for the job and will notice it.
: :
: : I love to skate and build things and paint and take care of my bunnies and piggies.....any jobs lol?
: I think your love building and art are a good precondition for a job in design or programming. It depends a bit if you also can feel writing a program as building something artful. To me, it is something like that.

Well, no word yet from the interview so I assume I dont have the job. I will look next week into an admin. job and pursue web til I get my foot in the door. Wow, its getting scary now just trying to pay rent so I need a job soon. I think overall, web design would fit me best.
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