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OT: Bernhard....
: : : : You could always build a portable Barbeque and sell cooked bunnies and piggies down at the local skate park..sorry but I could'nt work the painting into that speel..
: : :
: : : That was not nice, Joe! ;-) I'm sure she meant that she loved her bunnies alive!
: :
: : :````( Oh no, my poor bunnies and piggies! Dont eat my sweet children!!!! :-O Cant I barbeque soybunnies instead lol? ;-D
: Don't know about soybunnies. But feta cheese is great for barbequeueing!

Fake bunnies = Funnies! Take 2 soyburgers. One split into 3, 2 ears and the face part. Stack the one burger with 2 ears above, then add the front face part on lower top of burger. Take cherry tomatoes, cut up for nose and eyes. Take carrot slivers for whiskers, Cool, hahahaha? ;-D I was queen of playing with my food lol. Mom was not pleased, JUST EAT lol.
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