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OT: Bernhard....
: Well, tomorrow I have an interview as a graphic designer in a sign shop. Unless they require regular overtime, I'll take it. I dont want to wait on this other job anymore.

Sometimes it helps to be a bit pushy when the future employer is stalling. I had a similar situation once (OK, I had some freelance work to complete myself) where the employer kept on stalling. I nearly lost my nerves but called them, basically telling them that I am available NOW (Implying that I won't be for much longer). It's very unnverving to get pushed around by employers. The truth is, they cannot stay in business without their employees!

: Maybe graphics is more my field. Maybe right now too many things are on my mind to be totally focused on things like Regular Expressions, Metacharacters, Validation, lol.

Sounds like too much at once. Javascript is probably just not the best way to get started with programming.

: I guess I should take more interest in video games huh? ;-D

Not necessarily. That's just what got me started. A friend of mine got started by his interest in Hindi. He wanted to have an online hindi dictionary and learnt lots of advanced programming stuff this way. Before, he just couldn't get himself interested. He isn't the type to just repeat what others have done but excels when doing his own stuff. It ist a matter of differnt characters, I think.
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