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OT: Bernhard....
Well, tomorrow I have an interview as a graphic designer in a sign shop. Unless they require regular overtime, I'll take it. I dont want to wait on this other job anymore. Maybe graphics is more my field. Maybe right now too many things are on my mind to be totally focused on things like Regular Expressions, Metacharacters, Validation, lol.

I find roller skating comes to me more with ease, just not the answer to how to stay healthy and injury free. The problem of how to jump a rail is also a wonderful obsession to dwell on lol. Maybe I just need to clear my mind? I'm working on my delima of how to get a knee brace to fit me which will keep my leg from rotating so I can skate or a taping technique and that seems more my mental level lol. I think I'll be more of a web designer and less of a programmer. I took a break, guess its back to work....... Well, you are admired! I guess I should take more interest in video games huh? ;-D

.: : Did you ever feel like a dumbsh!t while learning programming, like weekly, daily, hourly lol?
: Actually, not that much. But I was still young back then and motivated. Programming was also less complex back then. My motivation originated in tossing too many coins into arcade games. I thought, hey, it should be much cheaper to play your own games. Access to a computer (a "mini" computer had the size of a closet back then) wasn't easy, but I was determined to learn to program in order to save money on playing computer games. What I want to say: you will automatically learn it when you try to solve a problem that itches you. I also did observe the same with other people. Once they had their very own thing, they overcame every hurdle with ease. I wish it would be the same with roller skating ...
: : If you know of any helpful sites, except w3schools, esp. for javascript, lemme know.
: A good starting point seems to be Wikipedia:
: The german variant seems to offer a different set of information:
: : I think my heads been hit a few too many times! I think I'm more of a designer then programmer but still trying......
: Yeah, it seems to be quite a different approach from designing. I know another designer who hits his head a lot with programming. I believe you have to approach it with a completely fresh mind, not trying to get at it with designer-think.
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