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basic quest. on spinning on ramps
Since my knee isnt 100%, practicing basic things which I still need to work on. Mostly spinning in my non dominant direction on the halfpipe for transitions, skating sidestance and rockin fakie. I skate right foot in front, strattled. I got it spinning right almost in my sleep although mostly I prefer to jump them. Getting OK now going left. I want to get this down easy too so I can do bowls no prob. both directions. Just I feel it awkward still cause my right foot is forward so I sort of lift the weight off the left leg to spin or sometimes I have to 2 step it. Cant explain really. But otherwise, having my left foot back makes it hard to spin 180. Getting better but its not natural yet. When I'm comfy, I will just jump it but I want both ways smooth and to be able to spin and jump them. Any help or am I just strange? I'm not sure why its much easier to go the side where my foot is forward but it is......
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