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goofy footed?
Oh, is turning left for sidestance? Cause I skate parallel. If I try sidestance I go left. That makes sense! But parallel I go right. I have been know to go against the grain though lol. Hey, this is funny that most of us are goofy. I dont see too many goofy skateboarders. I havent paid attention to inliners.

: : : : : Left to right? Really?? I skate right foot forward and my body only likes to go right. Otherwise spinning left, the front foot has to go way over and its not natural.
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: : : : Ah, then you must be one of those goofy footed critters spinning the wrong way ...
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: : : Going right is wrong lol? I'm soooo confused...... Easier for me to go the direction my foot is forward.
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: : It's unusual. Normally, a goofy footer turns left and a regular footer right. Anything else has to look strange to someone who sees most people doing it this way.
: Really? Usually when I see people skate ramps, they turn the way in the direction of which foot is forward. Thats how I decided to turn right cause otherwise you have to cross way over the other foot. So this is on park ramps too?
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