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goofy footed?
He is amazing! I think I'm just a frontstance roller skater. My left leg isnt the strongest for the pushing leg in skateboarding. Maybe its just not back yet from the injury.

Hows your back doing?

: I don't know if you follow skateboarding, but Bob Bernqist is amazing. He can skate switch and is amazing.
: : Left to right? Really?? I skate right foot forward and my body only likes to go right. Otherwise spinning left, the front foot has to go way over and its not natural. But the bowl I will go to, you roll in and MUST carve left. Maybe carving will be different then 180 spins, hope so. Trying to get it good enuff. I really want to go to the bowls now! I think my knee will be 100% in 2 weeks. :-D
: :
: : : I am goofy as well. I find carving from left to right to be pretty hard, but I am adapting. These newer bowls really make you skate both ways.
: : :
: : : : : : Since I'm a goofy sk8r, should I skateboard goofy too? Maybe thats why I dont do so well since I try to do nermal lol?
: : : : :
: : : : : Yepp. Goofy footing should also be the way for you to ride a skateboard (or a snowboard).
: : : : :
: : : : : BTW.: I'm a goofy footer too. But there are even stranger critters: Regular footers turning on the ramp like goofy footers. It's true, I have seen one!
: : : :
: : : : Hahahaha, thanks guys for letting me ask dumb questions cause I thought since I'm right handed, I should skateboard normal lol. I thought it felt weird, now I know why. OK, guess someone mest up on my wiring. :-P Now I feel extra goofy, but cool, maybe one day now I can do an olie! OK, so now push with left foot? Cool, will test this out! :-D
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