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goofy footed?
: : Really? Usually when I see people skate ramps, they turn the way in the direction of which foot is forward. Thats how I decided to turn right cause otherwise you have to cross way over the other foot. So this is on park ramps too?
: It has nothing to do with the ramp. When you turn in the direction of your front foot, you are doing a frontside turn, else you do a backside turn, which is a bit more frequent. To add more confusion: on my skate photos, you see mostly frontside airs. That's because they are easier to shoot from the platform.
: : Oh, is turning left for sidestance? Cause I skate parallel. If I try sidestance I go left. That makes sense! But parallel I go right.
: No connection to riding parallel or spider. In both cases, we call the turn frontside and backside like described above.
: : I have been know to go against the grain though lol.
: Vertical roller skating goes against the grain per se. You have to be really strong headed to to pull it through. ;-)
: : Hey, this is funny that most of us are goofy.
: I also found this a bit enigmatic. Why do you call the rare case regular? Has me puzzled always.

But arent most skateboarders regular? I was checking out the cheapo snowboards for kids and they were all made regular. So maybe us rollers are just a little goofy all around lol?

Well heres what I looked at when I started. Everyone goes the direction of their front foot except the one girl kinda goes both ways. Lisa seems to go right except when she stalls.

Well, if I'm weird, always been, guess I always will be. Just nice when I find there is at least another person like me that likes to go against the grain! Just dont really have a choice sometimes. Some things I like and can do, some things I dont or cant. Then I'm different cause whats natural to me is odd to everyone else. Yep, the eccentric one! Nope, nothing normal bout me lol. :-D
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