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basic quest. on spinning on ramps
Good on ya. The goofy footer thing isnt an insult,it is a genuine surf/skate term for right foot forward,and left foot forward is called natrual.

cheers joe

: Seems like to turn right, you put your weight on the right foot, to turn left, weight on left foot. I'll blame it on my left knee right now. My body doesnt like weight on left foot lol! I'm a totally goofy skater. :-D I asked a skateboarder if he could do it both ways. He said yeah. He turned inside, easy, to his backside, he fell over lol. We all seem to have skating side issues! I'll keep practicing. Need both ways for bowls. Not really better today but I finally could drop in again and wow, did that feel GREAT!! Great skating day, I'm coming back now!! I cant seem to get the sidestance on ramps either. So Robert, you might always have a frontstance buddy here.
: : It's good your thinking this way. A lot of rollers and inliners just turn one way and thats missing out on half of the fun.Just keep practising it and it will come natrualy.You'll find that when you skate comfortably at the lip your feet wont get in the way as they will be setting up for particular moves or in the air.Right foot forard makes you goofy footed like me and right turn is frontside.I always skated with boarders and my frontside and backside moves are board orientated ie: I dont just do everything the same both ways.It's nice to develop your own style.
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: : cheers joe
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: : : Since my knee isnt 100%, practicing basic things which I still need to work on. Mostly spinning in my non dominant direction on the halfpipe for transitions, skating sidestance and rockin fakie. I skate right foot in front, strattled. I got it spinning right almost in my sleep although mostly I prefer to jump them. Getting OK now going left. I want to get this down easy too so I can do bowls no prob. both directions. Just I feel it awkward still cause my right foot is forward so I sort of lift the weight off the left leg to spin or sometimes I have to 2 step it. Cant explain really. But otherwise, having my left foot back makes it hard to spin 180. Getting better but its not natural yet. When I'm comfy, I will just jump it but I want both ways smooth and to be able to spin and jump them. Any help or am I just strange? I'm not sure why its much easier to go the side where my foot is forward but it is......
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