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Well, most of us made ours like Joe mentioned. All we used were plastic, wood or aluminum and a jigsaw and drill. If you are interested, there are many posts on it by me and others and I posted a lot on my website so others could learn. And we are more then happy to help!

But you can start without them or just with 2 jump bars. Check out this video of a derby girl with just derby skates. This is about as far as you will get for the first year in all honesty. So you can even drop in with toe stops!

I had no prior experience with roller skating or any other balance sport til a year ago really, so I started with nothing. I just started this summer going to the park cause it just looked like too much fun and I instantly became addicted. I love to build so I wanted to build nice skates cause I know I will do this til I can't skate anymore. And I had time to learn now.

But I am just NOW thinking about stalls and such. I'm still a beginner skater in vert so even if I didn't have them on, there is still SO much for me to learn! I do like slightly wider trucks just cause they are for me so stable, but they aren't necessary til you grind. Like I mentioned, I am just now beginning to think about it and it will really be another 6 months before I think I will do anything with any grace lol.

Well, if she sent them to me would it be cheapier for me to send them to you? I will do that and thats a promise!! Let me know, I can send you simple jump bars too if you cant get them there. They dont weigh much...... I can ask how much it is to send just a grind bar. You would just have to have sure grip plates on for that.

: Anyone knows an european website were I can buy Grind Bars? I can only find it on the Roller Girl site and the ships from USA/Canada normaly costs over 100 dollar (I live in Sweden). Its impossible to find good roller skates and tools ec. here...
: Please help me, I want to get started as soon as possible with my crazy vertical skating idea :-D
: Tack & hej d!
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