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For boots they should just be sturdy and supportive. If they are not roller skate boots, you have to put metal pieces on the inside of the boot so the bolts dont pull through. I have an idea! Measure the length of your foot for me. I am selling my old skates. I have a size 6 mens hockey skates that have plates that will go with the grind bars/ramp trucks:

But they run wide (why I'm selling them), and fit like a men's size 5.5, so probably too small.

But I have some dominions (the urban roller) which are a size 6 but fit like a size 6.5. They are an inch too long for me! But they dont take the ramp trucks or grind bars and have a big heel. I love them for streets but dont really need them since I have a pair I love more. They are also used so I would sell them for very little for you!! Less then the cost of really cheap shipping for sure lol. They arent great ramp skates but if you just get some wheels, I started on those and that would give you time to build/think/get better skates if they might fit you.

: : But do you think I can use another boot? Does it have to be roller skate boots??
: It depends on which part of the world you are living. In Americs, a lot of roller skaters use roller skating boots like the ones made by Riedell. In Europe, most roller skaters use ice hockey boots. Some people also use inline boots.
: : But if the shipping is so cheap from Roller Girl I can always send the roller skates back and change to another size if nessesary (hopefully not).
: When I ordered my boots, I traced my foot on a piece of paper and faxed it in advance (nowadays I would probably send a scan of the drawing via email). I didn't have to send back the boots. They fitted perfectly the first time.
: On my street skates, I often used basketball shoes. Those should be readily available in most parts of the world. I wouldn't recommend them for serious ramp skating, however.
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