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Wow, I think it is strange that a $20 pair of grind bars would cost so much to ship? I would definitely double check that. I have rollergirls grind bars and they are absolutely great for the skaters that like to do plate slides. I have never really done those and just use them for plate tricks and would prefer having more depth between the bar and the coping. I like what I have seen with the plastic sliders that attach to the plate because you can get more of a clasp on the coping. Athough I think it would be cool to make your own, I would also check with UPS and see how much a 2 lb package would cost to ship out of country. That sounds way too high.

: Thanks Joe for your tips! I now have an idea of how to do things.
: Tack, Majja
: : Hey there get onto Claudines site and start learning how to build your own skates,they usaly work out better than anything you can buy and cost very little,and it feels good to ride your own gear,plus when you build them you know how to fix em yourself.Theres alot of good info in these forums,read it all and pinch the ideas you like and custom make them to your own style.All the folks on here are cool and more than happy to help were posible.Good luck.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : Anyone knows an european website were I can buy Grind Bars? I can only find it on the Roller Girl site and the ships from USA/Canada normaly costs over 100 dollar (I live in Sweden). Its impossible to find good roller skates and tools ec. here...
: : : Please help me, I want to get started as soon as possible with my crazy vertical skating idea :-D
: : : Tack & hej d!
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