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Info on this skater?
: : This guy is still ripping it up big time, grey and all, over 60.
: How do you know? I don't know his age. His name, however, is Gerhard Jusupoglu. He's with the light team from Augsburg. Those guys dress the same so it looks like a uniform. And yes, as far as I know, he is still skating. The photo you picked isn't that old: July 2006.

RS Dave said he was a pro skater at 60! Its almost my birthday and I feel REALLY old. I love skating so much so I worry how long my body will hold up to this, especially with a knee that wont allow me to jump right now. People say cause I'm getting old. :-( I wish I could go daily but it seems like I cant. Now I am thinking of seeing if there is quad speed skating that I can mess with too so that my leg can rest more this winter and heal. So its nice to see older guys still at it and hitting the vert ramps and I wonder what I can do differently so I can do that too.
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