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Info on this skater?
So whats a good diet and proper exercises lol? Honestly, everytime I think I know, the rules change or they dont apply to me or I donno...... I'm trying, is chocolate now in the health food group lol? Like I said, that guy is probably over 60 and eats at Micky Ds daily and still ripping it up good!! He probably never got out of shape.

Well, I think it will take me another year to get into shape but then I plan on going strong until I croak.

So you getting a pump? Have fun but dont strangle yourself lol! ;-D

: My new chiropractor is a really cool guy. He is 47 years old and very fit. He calls me dude and bro. He is totally into health and fitness. He basically said that as we get older we just can not function as well. He said that I don't have many years left, but if I start taking care of myself with a good diet and the proper exercises then I can go a lot longer. He said he is the oldest guy in his Ju Jitsu (sp?) class and kicks everyone's asses that are younger than him. He said if I don't start working my core muscles and eating healthy and getting the curve back in my neck then I am screwed. I think I am going to buy this product called the Neck Posture Pump. It is supposed to be used daily and helps get the curve back in your neck. I don't know what to believe with Chiropractors, but this guy seems legit and he does not seem to be trying to pump me for money.
: : : : : : This guy is still ripping it up big time, grey and all, over 60.
: : : : :
: : : : : How do you know?
: : : :
: : : : RS Dave said he was a pro skater at 60!
: : :
: : : OK, Could be. But he normally keeps his age a secret!
: : :
: : : Don't give your knee too much rest. You have to find the right balance. Often things will only heal when used properly (but not overused). I had this experience with an inflammation of my achilles tendon (after two years of rest it just wouldn't get better) and with my sewn together quadriceps tendon. After the operation my knees where really bad! I patiently did the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist and later found that walking down steep hill would strengthen the knees significantly.
: :
: : I just reread this. I guess this is kinda like my deep squats that I feel helpful now, but more like lunges too? I will try this too! I think the simple range of motion exercises are working the right muscles and ligaments/tendons which are weak on me now. Thanks for the input!
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