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Info on this skater?
: : : : This guy is still ripping it up big time, grey and all, over 60.
: : :
: : : How do you know?
: :
: : RS Dave said he was a pro skater at 60!
: OK, Could be. But he normally keeps his age a secret!
: Don't give your knee too much rest. You have to find the right balance. Often things will only heal when used properly (but not overused). I had this experience with an inflammation of my achilles tendon (after two years of rest it just wouldn't get better) and with my sewn together quadriceps tendon. After the operation my knees where really bad! I patiently did the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist and later found that walking down steep hill would strengthen the knees significantly.

Well, just staying off it during the week, no heavy weights, no skating, maybe this weekend though! We just had 3+ inches of snow so I donno. What I did was strain my hamstring a bit last week with the heavy weights so I thought I should try to take it easy so that would heal.

But I'm doing range of motion exercises only during the week. Things like squats with just my bodyweight. I find the leg press strengthens it ONLY pushing up, not down and its weak going down. So I thought I should gently work on this cause most of skating is going down in a squat and try to work easy the weaker small stabilizing muscles first and range of motion, more endurance type of stuff for now. But for me rest is HARD! I was skating round the kitchen and skipping around Monday cause I got too hyper lol. I might have to roll a bit inside again now lol because being still and with the snow I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!

I am trying to see if I can workout with the speed skaters for Jan and Feb. cause I think it might be that long til I can jump and stuff. :-( Least I will be in shape and strong! I asked Lisa for bionic legs for Christmas though lol. :-D

So are you back? I guess we will have some nice pictures? :-)
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