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Info on this skater?
No its BAD! Its called ADHD, otherwise known as ants in your pants disorder, finish nothing disorder, disorganized disorder, cant focus or get anything done disorder, jump off the roof (repeatedly) for no apparent reason disorder, act goofy disorder. Its not a good thing to have in our society. Its only been helpful when I worked with the severly disabled kids and bouncing around and needing to be of constant entertainment and non stop creativity was needed. I just hope to get some sort of medical insurance soon cause ritalin does really help me. Otherwise I need ways to burn off this energy so I can sit properly and get things done and with the snow now, its even harder!

But really looking forward to your pics! Including the little guys, I LOVE animals lol.

: I think it is not bad that you always want to move. With my office job I definitely move too little. :-( The trick probably is to listen to your body. This way you wont overdo it and improve gradually. You never can get your desired shape in one go!
: : So are you back? I guess we will have some nice pictures? :-)
: Yep, I am back. I arrive home one day ago and went back to work today. The films are already developed and the slides are framed. Now I am numbering them and putting them into archival sleeves. Parallel to that I also started scanning them. I do have some nice pics of Australian skate parks and of Joe and Ludi skating. Will be some time, however, until they are digitized. Before that, I will have pics from the Red centre. Also pics of crocodiles and smaller lizards. And lots more ...
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