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Zorg(others) bolts?
: : I found some short mounting bolts with sinking heads and washers that go down 2mm. The washers are 10/16" diameter. Good enough for the soccer skates?
: In my experience that should be big enough. If you want to do really good, you can an inset out of 1 mm aluminium, drill mounting holes into that and counter-sink your bolts.
Any special tools to cut the aluminum? I dont have a bandsaw..... I'm making more speed skates. The full length insole would be beyond my tools now I think.

: : Whats best to cut the rubber cleats? Saw, xacto or jigsaw carefully?
: Now idea on that. Neither would I use soccer boots. But that seems to depend on the continent you are living on. I always used basket ball shoes for my street skates.
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