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Zorg (others) bolts?
With those tools, can ya hook these up for me? ;-)

: I used rugby bots for my first set of skates this time round and they had the screw in studs so I re-positioned the stud nuts to suit the plates and the bolts go into the boot from the outside.Now I use the same type nut for all my skates,I will try and post a photo of the nuts when I get a chance,
: Hey Zorg,,after seeing your tools I'm thinking I should have sent you some wooden wheels maybe..
: cheers joe
: : : : Only old wireless tools for me: very inexepensive, low noise level (I leave in an appartement). I just use a hand saw. I could cut easily 7mm thick Aluminium along 30cm: you start from from both ends (3mm inox steel too, but that's hard....). Same for drilling!!! I can fix the ramp without electricity, or dealing with batteries......
: : :
: : : Those are still real He-tools for a real He-man, hehe. ;-)
: : :
: : : Zorg, the master crafts man!
: :
: : Well hopefully the are she-woman too lol!
: :
: : My hockey skates arent selling at all. I might keep them then I can use those flat bolts out of them. I could use that plate for another skate too and cut off the hard toe for another skate later.
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