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ireNe (videos by ireNe) (pictures by ireNe)
: : : Hey Irene I think every photo I've seen of you has been a but shot,,you have very nice features.
: : :
: : : cheers joe
: :
: : I'll take a compliment when I get one, but I think this may be a side effect of your recent nacker adjustment ;-)
: :
: : I think we should call you "JoeNackers", whaddya thinx?
: Call me christmas tree,,they're just decorations now.
: By the way,,I hope everyone has a top x-mas with lots of friends,family food and drink and NO RELIGION,,don't know why they have to bring that into it.
: cheers joe

u funny guy...i agree, this holiday has too much pressure, not enuff fun all yous, go get yur laugh on...
here's something to get you started, go on ... laugh!
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