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Zorg(others) bolts?
Well, I might have to wait a week to mount them since I have an exam. I might take out the flat bolts out of my hockey skates and try those. I think they would work the best. If I could get t-nuts or something like you have, that would work better. But my feet are fairly narrow for the shoes so I could just put in a mm extra padded sole to cover up the heads. Think these boots would work ok for indoor speed too? If not, they would be great trekking street skates! The speed skates Lisa sells is way beyond my budget right now. But I hope to get some off ebay for $10 lol.

: Here are the bolts heads for 2 of my skates (4mm in diameter):
: -left: speed
: -right: ramp (I could re-use the central nuts for inline plate+ quads ones)
: For the cleats, try to cut not too much, just what you need to adapt the sole on you flat plate (and keep the natural bent curve of you shoe). The back cleats migth remain, to act as heal block:
: : I found some short mounting bolts with sinking heads and washers that go down 2mm. The washers are 10/16" diameter. Good enough for the soccer skates? Whats best to cut the rubber cleats? Saw, xacto or jigsaw carefully? Got a lot of em. Found out speed sessions are Wed. nights!
: :
: : I signed up that site but no confirm email so not sure I can use it or if I did something wrong...
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