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Soccer cleats?
Are those the new carerras? Cause those pinch my fat piggies lol. I will take them if they are the old ones. Everything is extra narrow on me but my piggies.

I went to speed practice, me and a bunch of serious competitive inliners. Dang, they are FAST! Make the derby girls look like they are standing still. I got to go FAST though and my legs are so tired I can barely walk so now I'm SUPER happy! I feel so much better now. It didnt bother my knee so this is really good for me now while I'm still healing. So I want to build some speed skates to tire myself out when I cant hit the ramps. Wow, I was thinking if there were a small launch ramp in the rink as we were racing, I might fly from one side to the other hahahaha! It was a lot of fun but nothing compares to the ramps.

: I don't know anyone whose done that. Very innovative.
: Might you be interested in these boots? They are narrow and a little long for me. Same size 6 as my old boots, but the new model of this boot is cut differently.
: I could measure the insole for size. They sell for around 50 bucks. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
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