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why is street so popular?
: : I dont get it. Inliners talk nonstop about street skating, grinds. They seem to have no interest in vert and for the most part, refuse protective gear. I'm not sure why inlines are so popular either. I feel a huge disconnect. Am I'm missing something here........? I love my trucks and love to carve the bowls. I wouldnt mind it if I could jump on a ledge, but its not like doing tricks inside a bowl or eventually diving into and carving a 10.5 foot bowl!! Now to m
: e thats exciting!!
: correct answer. !!
: we rolled the albert park lake halfpipe today. its right where the melboure f1 g prix will be held next month.
: anyhow it was rad till i came off after a wobbly roll in and wound up on my arse in the gravel. now im getting hi density hip pads a s a p.
: from there we soldiered on to prahran 13 foot vert ramp. joe shone, as usual and i took it quietly because im still sore.
: on the way back we had a well deserved ice cream.
: ill rest now till we roll again on tues night with the moss guys.
: happy rolling h .
U and Joe are some rad skaters!! I really enjoy them photos. :-D Sorry to hear UR sore. I'm light so for the most part I only hurt if I twist a joint, but I hit my hips hard and there arent muscles nor fat on them to break the crash. Lemme know what you do for hip pads. I have the foam from the crash pads and its too airy for hard falls. I plan on doing this for a long time! I know women break their hip when they get old and its a big deal. So since I get sore, would rather look like a dork then stop or slow down even. I crave that "rush". I'm going nuts right now. I might have to skate next weekend lol. Even if I just roll the bowl easy, man, ever since I dropped in the first time I'm addicted!! Since the kids like the ledges, I guess I shouldnt complain cause then I get to hog the bowl to myself at times. I just cant get myself to be a jock and go to the gym lol. The sun is out today finally, I will jump some curbs with my bike and hope that helps!
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