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why is street so popular?
Well, I guess I wont ever understand it. We are all there to roll and do our tricks, why should it matter what we chose? I get along with everyone until they start attacking me. If another skater gives me crap and tells me I need to switch my skates for REAL ones, I walk away and dont look their way. I just dont understand it. Most inliners are OK but a few rude ones makes me less likely to try to befriend the rest.

I also dont speak their language on all their grinds nor get whats so great. OK, you slide with one foot one inch this way, one inch turned that way. Now lets see you do some cool stuff in the bowl I say!!

: : Inline is OK but I do not respect them. Few of them are very rude and arrogant.
: That's probably the reason why many of the vertical roller skaters don't use terms like "aggressive" or "quads". It's inlinger lingo and roller skaters shying away from those terms probably don't want to get into this rudeness and arrogance but rather take pride in their own culture. If inliners and skateboarders choose to be at war which each others, at least I want to stay out of this. There are some inliners whom I do respect but in general, I do get along better with the skateboarders. It's a cultural thing I would guess.
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