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why is street so popular?
: : They are just a bit immature (and maybe stay so for the rest of their miserable life). The skates they use are the REAL ones because they define their sheer existence by belonging to the group using those. It's probably a sign of respect when they ask you to get some REAL skates. They seem to want you to be part of their in-group ...
: OK, that makes sense to me. I'm not so concerned with being "in." Thats not me, I'm not superficial and dont care to have superficial friends. I just dont like being attacked, thats all.

It may help to shift your own perceiption. See it rather as a compliment than as an attack. At least ist part, it probably is.

: Its nice to fit in, but I would rather be accepted for being "me" and who I am then for trying to be someone else.

But your are accepted as being yourself! Just don't expect to make everybody happy.

: I wish kids would think and create more for themselves.

Wouldn't that be nice. They even do this in places of the world where they can't get their stuff and identity off the shelf.

: Well, I'm pretty happy being a roller skater! I do sort of feel like I fit in in a way with this forum and the skateboarders...while still being different. :-D

Yeah, still lots of creativity and respect going on in roller skater land. :-)
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