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why is street so popular?
Yes Claudine, you sure go through equiptment. lol I did not find inline skating to be any easier. There are some old school guys out there that are amazing in bowls and on ramps. Check out Cesar Mora and there are these two Japanese brothers that kill it. I can't remember their names. I love watching all extreme sports and respect anyone that dedicates themselves to these sports. It is too bad that there are jerks out there, but they exist everywhere and in every sport. Someone brought up a really cool point on my other forum. Our sports are the only sports that you can participate in side by side with pros. That is pretty cool.

: Inline is OK but I do not respect them. Few of them are very rude and arrogant. Its much easier to learn then skateboarding or roller skating. They dont need to be creative, everything is done for them. After 2 months, some talk like they are pros with a dozen or more grinds they can do and some love to make fun of my skates asking me when I'm going to get REAL skates. If I got that good that quickly, I would be bored. It wouldnt be so rewarding. But I dont get whats so big about street and how that makes them "aggressive" while bowl skating is not. I dont know much about the struggles you talk about with skating. My only interest is having fun. My only struggle is finding parts for my equipment. And things that fit lol. I love skating with the skateboarders. None of them have been asses to me?
: : Claudine, I was a sponsored vertical inline skater and chose to go back to my roots. I think inline skating is cool, but it seems the culture is out of whack. I participate on a skateboard forum and hear terrible things about inliners. I know it does not apply to all, but I think they are just younger and do not respect the culture of skateboarders and rollerskaters. Not that I care, but I get way more respect than the "fruit booters" as I have heard them called. I think it is just a younger generation that does not value our history or our stuggles. A lot of the vert rollerskaters on here have experienced skating with boarders like we do now with out any others around. We respect skateboarding and having to prove ourselves and gain acceptance. These inliners have way more than we ever had, but I am damn proud to be one of you.
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: : : I dont get it. Inliners talk nonstop about street skating, grinds. They seem to have no interest in vert and for the most part, refuse protective gear. I'm not sure why inlines are so popular either. I feel a huge disconnect. Am I'm missing something here........? I love my trucks and love to carve the bowls. I wouldnt mind it if I could jump on a ledge, but its not like doing tricks inside a bowl or eventually diving into and carving a 10.5 foot bowl!! Now to me thats exciting!!
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