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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
why is street so popular?
: correct answer. !!
: we rolled the albert park lake halfpipe today. its right where the melboure f1 g prix will be held next month.

I'm expecting pictures of this halfpipe from Tim. His wife and him are also in Albert Park sometimes. And he promised me a picture. :-)

: anyhow it was rad till i came off after a wobbly roll in and wound up on my arse in the gravel. now im getting hi density hip pads a s a p.

Thick high density foam (called Moosgummi ("moss rubber") in Germany) rules! It's able to even save my ass! But I would advise to take at least 1 cm thick sheets and cut them to your whim. Speedy recovery to you!
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