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Good Session!!
: : Very nice! I actually skated that park back in 1992. It was way before the states ever had public parks.
: Upland wasn't a public park?Marina del ray,Del mar,Pipeline,kona,Winchester and Oasis just off the top of my head?
I think Robert meant after the demize of the first wave of parks though,the US was scared that the legal system they created would turn around and bite them on the arse so they deemed it an unacceptable risk to let people actualy explore and,dare I say enjoy the freedom of an activity with little rules and no boundries,,rather give them golf,tennis,football and other various olympic snorefest sports with too many rules,to much comitment and zero fun,til everyone is sick to the teeth of sport and winds up sitting in there bedroom playing war games on ex-box,waiting for the day that they too can purchase the arms that is evey Americans right to bear and eventialy go ga ga and slauter a dozen inocent pedestrians traveling on the side walk of life.Or maybe not enough people were using the parks and they just went bust..he he.

cheers joe
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