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Good Session!!
Well, my problem is injury at times. That and weather slow me down. Otherwise, I would literally skate EVERY freakin day, no joke!! I'm hyper, so I count the time until I can skate. I have way too much energy, so even if I dont skate, I play on my kitchen floor lol. I'm also digging the skateboard now! Its a little more easy on my bum knee and perfect for street cruisin. I will post it when its done. I got a blank deck, put it together tonight and will paint a design on it and add a tailbone to it. This deck is awesome cause where the trucks are, it cups your feet so its so easy to balance. Yeah, its totally oldschool! I'm digging it.

But I usually hang with the skateboarders. I dont feel comfortable around the inliners usually. I guess now that I also mess with the skateboard makes me feel like I'm part of that group even though roller skates are #1 for me. There are a couple older guys who do vert skateboard. I'm digging them! They are really nice and being one of the only girls, older one too, I seem to get lots of help at times. :-D I would love to skate with you but now my rent is most my income and I have zero sick and vacation for a full year. Then they close for one week in Dec. so I have to use half my vacation then when I get it and this year I wont get paid. I'm bummed! I cant even go to the Dr for a year!!

But one day, in one, two years. I'll be over there! Skating with Holly was the only time in my life I saw or skated with another roller skater outside period. I hope she comes out to the skatepark with me again. I hope to skate with Irene and Eric on the eastcoast too!!

: Claudine, I can't even begin to tell you how good we have it here. I just wish I was as motivated as I was back in the day. I would love to have someone else to skate with. I remember over twenty years ago when the skate scene died out and I would skate alone. Skating is awesome, but I would suggest it is also a sport to be shared. I know that it is probably not possible, but I would love for everyone on this site to meet up for a three or four day event of skating. My skateboard forum has an annual BBQ where everyone meets in Arizona and spends three days of skating and partying together. These are some good people. I did not go the last time because of many circumstances, but might show up this year. I really enjoy other people that skate whether it be on a board, skates, or inline. I think anyone that skates over the age of 30 is pretty cool! Claudine, you are totally oldschool even though you are new. You have the fire and the motivation to do whatever it takes and I love that. I know their are not many of us from the states, but I will meet up with you and Irene and we can have a nice session. I would probably try to give you pointers and you would probably push me to a point that I need to be pushed. It's sad to say, but as you get older, you need people to push you. I am guilty and need a fire lit under my arse.
: : Robert, you are so spoiled! I'm so darn jealous of you. Most the parks here are pay, the indoor ones are an hour to hour and a half away with traffic. But for $5-$10, shoot, sometimes I gotta dig deep in my pockets. My park across the street wont open til the end of the month but since I live here, I only pay a small yearly fee. There is a free bowl 40mins. to an hour away. Its my fav. too!! I just wish I had bionic parts and free skateparks within 2 miles. You got it good dude!
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: : : Hi Joe,
: : :
: : : I guess I did not articulate my point. All the parks you mentioned were privately owned and charged money. When I skated Europe, I skate parks that were free. I skated a ramp in the middle of a park in Amsterdam and also the one I mentioned. We never had public skateparks until several years back. I can go two miles away and skate a public park that is owned by the city and pay nothing. Some of the city parks charge a fee, but my point was a city park not owned by a private company trying to make a profit. That park in Spain was very much like our new public parks. My local park has a normal park on its left and a dog park on its right and they are free. Europe has had public parks for over 16 years and now the U.S. finally does as well. Even though some charge, most are really reasonable. I know of the Bondi Bowl in Australia and to me that is a public park.
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: : : : : : Very nice! I actually skated that park back in 1992. It was way before the states ever had public parks.
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: : : : : Upland wasn't a public park?Marina del ray,Del mar,Pipeline,kona,Winchester and Oasis just off the top of my head?
: : : : I think Robert meant after the demize of the first wave of parks though,the US was scared that the legal system they created would turn around and bite them on the arse so they deemed it an unacceptable risk to let people actualy explore and,dare I say enjoy the freedom of an activity with little rules and no boundries,,rather give them golf,tennis,football and other various olympic snorefest sports with too many rules,to much comitment and zero fun,til everyone is sick to the teeth of sport and winds up sitting in there bedroom playing war games on ex-box,waiting for the day that they too can purchase the arms that is evey Americans right to bear and eventialy go ga ga and slauter a dozen inocent pedestrians traveling on the side walk of life.Or maybe not enough people were using the parks and they just went bust..he he.
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: : : : cheers joe
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