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h ludi.
Good Session!!
: : : : Very nice! I actually skated that park back in 1992. It was way before the states ever had public parks.
: : :
: : : Upland wasn't a public park?
: : Marina del ray,Del mar,Pipeline,kona,Winchester and Oasis just off the top of my head?
: Your's is just more reliable than mine. But wait till you get my age! ;-)
: And I fully agree with you rant about the olympic snorefest. I'm often enough opposed to calling skating a sport. Brings it way too close to establishment ...
hi all, rad session. pretty heavy rant joe, my babbling must be rubbing off on you. must admit, your spot on.
right after i win the lotto this week, ill be round to collect you all and we will have a big family roll.
well , its nice to dream a little, isnt it.
cheers ,have fun. ludi.

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