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Good Session!!
: Well, my problem is injury at times. That and weather slow me down. Otherwise, I would literally skate EVERY freakin day, no joke!! I'm hyper, so I count the time until I can skate. I have way too much energy, so even if I dont skate, I play on my kitchen floor lol. I'm also digging the skateboard now! Its a little more easy on my bum knee and perfect for street cruisin. I will post it when its done. I got a blank deck, put it together tonight and will paint a design on it and add a tailbone to it. This deck is awesome cause where the trucks are, it cups your feet so its so easy to balance. Yeah, its totally oldschool! I'm digging it.
: But I usually hang with the skateboarders. I dont feel comfortable around the inliners usually. I guess now that I also mess with the skateboard makes me feel like I'm part of that group even though roller skates are #1 for me. There are a couple older guys who do vert skateboard. I'm digging them! They are really nice and being one of the only girls, older one too, I seem to get lots of help at times. :-D I would love to skate with you but now my rent is most my income and I have zero sick and vacation for a full year. Then they close for one week in Dec. so I have to use half my vacation then when I get it and this year I wont get paid. I'm bummed! I cant even go to the Dr for a year!!
: But one day, in one, two years. I'll be over there! Skating with Holly was the only time in my life I saw or skated with another roller skater outside period. I hope she comes out to the skatepark with me again. I hope to skate with Irene and Eric on the eastcoast too!!
Let's get Eric up north to MD, with me and Daniel, u and maybe Robert, we could all have a good skate this spring! That will make 5...we can dream, can't we?
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