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Good Session!!
: Hi Joe,
: I guess I did not articulate my point. All the parks you mentioned were privately owned and charged money. When I skated Europe, I skate parks that were free. I skated a ramp in the middle of a park in Amsterdam and also the one I mentioned. We never had public skateparks until several years back. I can go two miles away and skate a public park that is owned by the city and pay nothing. Some of the city parks charge a fee, but my point was a city park not owned by a private company trying to make a profit. That park in Spain was very much like our new public parks. My local park has a normal park on its left and a dog park on its right and they are free. Europe has had public parks for over 16 years and now the U.S. finally does as well. Even though some charge, most are really reasonable. I know of the Bondi Bowl in Australia and to me that is a public park.

Good on ya Robert,that makes perfect sence.Pardon my rant,,I got a bit carried away.Looks like a nice park by the by,,your lucky to have skated it..
: : :
cheers joe
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