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this is wierd....
: : Well, when I fell on my butt at the bottom of the 6.5 foot ramp, i found a good spot so that didnt hurt. The force at the bottom was hard. But I felt pain/tightness in my forehead. OK, I swear, I did not hit my head. So whats up with that? Is my head located up my ass lol? I'm thinkin so cause when I bruised my tailbone that one time, every sneeze hurt it BAD. Or does that impact cause your brain to smash into your skull or does the vibration travel up your spine or what? I must not be normal. Cause tonight I have a headache, my butt doesnt hurt lol.
: i think of it like a lightning bolt going thru your body. i had one that travelled thru my butt out of my chest, so for the next month could barely lift my arms. no headache tho.
: diapers, huh? don't sheit yurself!

OK, maybe us women have a funny wiring? ;-D I already have my crash pads/diapers hahahaha! Maybe I need gel inserts lol? Just a slight ache in my head this morning. I need to learn how to drop in on vert better. I guess I was too tight since I hit towards the bottom? Or not forward enough? I did this when I first dropped in on the little ramps. I think all the excitement from the first time got me stiff lol. I want to drop in the big bowl one day and do the spine so I want to get this down.

But I lied about taking it easy skating. I'm going again today!! My knees not hurting, shoulder a touch so when it warms up some today, off to the bowls and lets hope I get closer to doing a backward stall! I'm so outta shape, sore already lol.
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