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this is wierd....
The way I diagnose a concussion is by testing the memory.

Once a guy flew over a vertical ramp here in Freiburg and landed hard on his skull. He came to after a minute or so and the ambulance was already on its way. I probed his memory by asking simple questions about the date. He wasn't able to say what date it was, he wasn't able to tell the day of the week, the month and even the season. From this I concluded that he had quite a heavy concussion.

This even worked in self-diagnosis mode one day. I landed (similar to you, Claudine) on my butt, the drop was about 2.5 meters. I felt quite OK after a while and continued skating. But when I tried to do a cross leg air to fakie, I couldn't think of the name of the trick! From this, I concluded that I had a minor concussion (no problem with remembering the correct date) and I prescribed myself a skating brake for some time.

I think it's really better to pause for a while when you can't rely on your brain's correct working anymore.
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