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this is wierd....
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: : : : hi guys, i hear where your coming from. we rolled pt cook bowl tonight, on my second roll i came to greif and slammed heavily. my left shoulder is buggered now and i have a sore neck and head. definately my worst beef this time round.
: : : : i hope you mend quicker than me, then we can get back to the business of vert rollerskating.
: : : : i guess weve now paid our dues. cheers h .
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: : : Hi Ludi,
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: : : sorry to hear about your slam and get well quick!
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: : : I have probably not been very clear about my concussion experience. This happend long ago when the only place to skate in Freiburg was a shitty concrete ramp. 2.5 m high, 2.5 m wide, 2.5 m flat. The flat was very advanced at the time it was built. Back then, ramps used to have no flat at all!
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: : Wow, sorry you are hurt Ludi! Get well soon!! Being hurt is the worst.
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: : Well, I dont think I have a concussion now, I spoke to the expert lol. My confusion is on my normal everyday level. So I think I'm OK. But my shoulder was still hurting so I think its better to take it easy this week so I can stop hurting all together. I might roll easy on my skateboard tomorrow. My headache is more or less gone. I think I had a bug because I was nauseous and had stomach problems and havent been able to eat much for 2 days. I heard concussions are really in the head. And I felt sick almost 2 days later. Just a headache and slight daze for a second when I hit my butt but it wont hurt me to lay low. I'll start skating easy this weekend if I feel ok. I hope I'm starved by tomorrow otherwise my legs will be shot anyways. I finished my skateboard and it needs a testing, new baby blue khiro bushings and a hot pink tailbone! :-D I trimmed it up with my dremmel. Its awesome for plastic, cleans up all the hairs! Ludi, get better and take good care of yourself!
: im glad to hear that youve got your head sorted, looks like were in the same boat, both with lame wings. at work today the boys had a field day, putting shit on me. so much that after work i went to the quacks to get checked out. got x rayed, nothing broken, except ego. its still bloody sore, doc says no rolling for 2 weeks . i say il only watch on sunday morn, like hell. knox mini spine and good weather, what a combo. i promise to take it easy , hopefully joe will be there too, and keep an eye on me . anyway i hope you get a brake in the weather and are able to ease back into it as well. take good care of yourself, as i will . we better not push the envelope for a while.
: all the best, thans for the kind words , h .
Well, I sure hope you feel better! I guess us rollers are tough? I pretty sure I have the flu or something. I got chewed out about that since my face turned pale or red or something and since I havent been able to eat much at all but I have no sick leave nor medical yet so I go to work. I cant afford not too! Then I rolled on my skateboard after work a bit lol, I wont be too sick to not do that til I'm dead. But I'm off to bed soon to rest up so I can get chewed out again lol.
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