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this is wierd....
I was told that I probably have a concussion (my freakin butt doesnt even hurt) and that I need to lay off a week after my symptoms go away. I"m PISSED! I had skate plans today. My head is feeling better and my shoulder still needs rest, probably my knee too. But it will be over a week til I skate again. I have those crash pads. I did land on a good spot on my but but I guess the speed sent vibrations up my body. I dont think I will go any steeper then maybe the big bowl at 7 1/2 feet deep drop in because that looks like too much fun and I"m dumb, but I"m going to limit myself to that in the future, no flips ever, etc. I donno, I guess I'm old. :`( I had plans on being supergirl on skates!! I dont think girls are built as tough, it sucks!

: Claudine, I know what you are talking about. When I broke my elbow I hit my head really hard. I was nausious for about twenty minutes. I found the crash pads to be awesome. I have fallen a couple of times on my ass and they saved me. I don't know if you have the same problem as me, but my legs seem to go out and I fall backwards. I guess we just need to get in better shape. I was doing footplants yesterday and it seems I land low because of my f'n grind bar. I called a motorcycle repair shop today that is located at the end of my street. They have a drill press and am hoping they can drill some holes in my grind bars where I can bring them to the bottom of my king pin where the nut is. In my opinion, grind bars suck and you need that grip against your trucks. After two days of skating, I was so sore today and could barely walk. I will skate tomorrow and hope my jello legs don't make me fall. Get some rest this week and hit it hard this weekend.
: : : : : Me neither. :-( I have looked for a source of the foam I use on the web, but sadly haven't found anything I could point you to. Maybe Joe knows of something. He is our rubber guy.
: : : : Hey!! what I do in the privacy of my home is my business!!
: : :
: : : I didn't want to intrude, I was rather thinking along the lines of those nice MOSS stubby holders ....
: :
: : Well, I'm listening, any hints on good butt pads and which are the best and helmets! I might have a mild concussion I was told. Havent been able to eat today and my head still aches. I always want to eat lol! So either I have a really bad bug or my head smashed against my skull. :```( <--Very sad! I wanted to skate tomorrow and now I'm told I need to wait a full week after being asymtomatic. How do I know if its a concussion or just a headache and bug? I ate good yesterday! :-D I just felt dazed for a sec, and had pressure on my forhead when I smashed. No head impact!
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