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this is wierd....
: : : Me neither. :-( I have looked for a source of the foam I use on the web, but sadly haven't found anything I could point you to. Maybe Joe knows of something. He is our rubber guy.
: : Hey!! what I do in the privacy of my home is my business!!
: I didn't want to intrude, I was rather thinking along the lines of those nice MOSS stubby holders ....

Well, I'm listening, any hints on good butt pads and which are the best and helmets! I might have a mild concussion I was told. Havent been able to eat today and my head still aches. I always want to eat lol! So either I have a really bad bug or my head smashed against my skull. :```( <--Very sad! I wanted to skate tomorrow and now I'm told I need to wait a full week after being asymtomatic. How do I know if its a concussion or just a headache and bug? I ate good yesterday! :-D I just felt dazed for a sec, and had pressure on my forhead when I smashed. No head impact!
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