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miracle girl! :-D
he said high chance it wouldnt heal and 2nd surgery. i thought major pains = growing pains. im right! 2 weeks, pain all last week, pin sized specks of graft now look like balls of popcorn w/ only now 1-2mm of black between. the black 1" hole almost gone!! most beautiful thing to my eyes! brought tears to my eyes. sorry, dr, kept xray 4 now. 15 days should be 1 solid bone and new cast or maybe no cast. i eat healthy and my body still is young it seems. dr. very happy. i got new meds to help w/ pain and 2 weeks reduced work. i need to worry now on getting PD elbow/wrist pads somehow cause i will sk8 again soon, woo-hoo! i will rip it up in PT. i feel like i just won a million dollars. :-D
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